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Kitchen Backsplash

Choosing the Right Kitchen Backsplash

I didn’t realize how much a kitchen backsplash could change a kitchen until I changed ours out. My wife was tired of the old checkered backsplash we had. She wanted something more modern and that matched our new kitchen color. This was new territory for me so I decided to do some research. In my research, I found out how to choose the right kitchen backsplash.

Here’s what I learned.

Test the Waters

At first, I really had no idea what to do with the backsplash. I was looking at weird patterns and even solid tiles, but nothing was speaking to me. Finally, I bought a few tiles of each type I thought I liked and taped them to the wall. I left them there for a few days. Some grew on me, while others looked ridiculous and I took them down immediately. At least I only wasted a few dollars rather than hundreds of dollars and many hours installing something I didn’t like.

Your Backsplash is a Focal Point

Honestly, I always looked at the backsplash as well, a place to catch splatters, and we have plenty of those! It turns out, though, that it has a lot more value than that. Yes, it keeps your kitchen wall clean, but it also creates a focal point in the kitchen. It’s almost like a piece of art. Who would have thought?

I was so used to the backsplashes in our grandparents and parents’ houses that I didn’t realize that you really could get creative with a backsplash. This got me thinking. I wanted to create a focal point and conversation piece in our kitchen. I ended up creating my own pattern that really adds a little pizzazz to our kitchen.

It’s an Area to Get Creative

Honestly, what better place to get creative than the small area between your stove and microwave or above the sink? At most, it will measure 2’ x 3’. That’s just enough area to have a little fun. Think outside of the box. Do you want to match the color of the walls, contrast it, or do like I did and create a unique pattern?

If money is an issue, stick with basic white tiles. If money isn’t an issue, truly play with the various patterns that you can create. The sky is the limit. Turn the tiles around, playing with different shapes – don’t think you have to align everything up just so. This is your time to create a fun little area in your kitchen.

Think About Durability

Don’t forget, your backsplash will likely take a beating. If you cook anything like my wife, your backsplash will get your money’s worth out of it. While glass and stone backsplashes may be beautiful, they don’t clean up easy. If you know you’ll make a mess often, stick with ceramic tiles. They are affordable, beautiful, and they wipe up easily.

Ceramic tiles don’t require a lot of upkeep either. You may have to re-grout them once in a while, but if you do it right the first time, they could last for years. Don’t be skimpy when you grout the tiles. This is the glue that holds the tiles to the wall. Find high-quality grout and get help if you don’t know what you’re doing. The key is in the installation.

Use these tips to help you transform your kitchen from boring to exciting with a new backsplash. You’ll love the look of your kitchen with just one small change.

Tom Green
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