Monday, March 01, 2021
Rent A Dumpster

Don’t Forget to Rent a Dumpster for Demolition

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my days of remodeling, it’s the importance of renting a dumpster. It may seem silly, but a dumpster can save you time, energy, and money. Don’t be like me and pretend you don’t need one and that you can haul away the trash yourself, especially during a demolition. Let me tell you, there is a lot more waste than you could ever imagine when demolishing even just one room in your home.

How to Choose a Dumpster

Right now you’re probably thinking, how do I know what size dumpster to get? I was there too. I looked around my home and thought ‘I’m not going to need that much space.’ Boy was I wrong. For my first demolition, I rented a dumpster that was way too small. Lesson learned, the next time around, I used my own advice and you should too:

    • Talk with a representative at the dumpster rental facility. Be honest about what you are doing, and how much waste you think you’ll have. They can best tell you what size dumpster will work the best, but typically, the bigger the better. You don’t want to run out of room.
    • Figure out how long the project may take. Are you renovating yourself like I did? Allow a lot of extra time. Unless you are an avid professional, you need time for mistakes, delays, and even running out of money (been there, done that).
    • Plan the right time. I have gotten lucky with my dumpster rental company in Aurora and typically get my bin the same day. During busier times, you may have to schedule it out a bit. Think about what you’ll have to work around to get the dumpster in the right place. Parking can be an issue, especially if you have a small driveway, so consider that too.

Why Choose a Dumpster Rather Than Dumpster Bags

I know, you’re probably thinking ‘I could just rent a dumpster bag for a fraction of the cost.’ Yes, you could, but that’s not the final cost. Again, I’ve been there done that. I thought I was being frugal when I ordered the dumpster bag. That all fell apart when I realized how quickly I filled it up and then had to pay for it to be hauled away. That wasn’t in the budget.

Not only was it not frugal, but it was a downright pain. Once I filled the bag, I had to wait for Waste Management to come to empty it out. That delayed my projects even more than they were already delayed. If I rented the right sized dumpster from the start, I would have finished my project much faster. But, you live and learn, right?

Hopefully, you take my advice and rent a dumpster for your demolition projects. No matter how close you live to the closest landfill or how strong you think you are, a dumpster is one of the most crucial components of your demolition project. It will keep you on budget, on time, and keep a smile on your face. Trust me.

Tom Green
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