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Bathtub Refinishing

From Tub Refinishing To Towel Reorganizing: 7 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bathroom On A Dime

When my wife and I decided we wanted to sell our house we knew the one room we needed to update to entice sellers was our outdated bathroom. It’s small, dark, and uninviting. The quickest easiest way to change that often involves paint, it really does go a long way. Check out all my tips below to see how we used it. 

Painting Tile

The first thing used paint for was the tile. The existing tile really limited us because it had so many colors but none of the ones we wanted to use for the new color scheme. We knew removing it or retiling would be time-consuming and costly so I researched painting it. Turns out there were a few people who had done this before and it “seemed” like something I could do. I gave it a shot and was shocked by how great it turned out. It’s a good thing because if I screwed it up and ate up too much of the budget and we couldn’t replace the vanity, the wife wouldn’t have been too happy. The key is really getting the tile clean first and getting on a couple of good coats of primer. Since the primer was white and I was painting the tile with a semi-gloss black,  I did a mixed coat in between.  I used half primer and half paint, this made a huge difference it really covered all the tile and grout well.

Towel Reorganizing

The storage in this bathroom was close to nonexistent. I hung two shelves and a small towel rack behind the door and solved that problem without much of the budget or a lot of work on my part. Eyeballed it, checked with a level, popped in some anchors and that was that. Now my wife uses the shelves for storing folded towels and we have a place to hang up towels before and after showering. 

Tub Refinishing

Our tub was dingy brown and had some visible wear, after researching I found that a professional can refinish this fairly affordably. So I left that task up to a local guy I found with great reviews and we are pleasantly pleased. He did it in one day and that kept us on track to get the whole project done in about two weekends. If you’re out in the Florida regions, I have some family out that way that hired this company for bathtub refinishing in Lakeland FL.

Replace Vanity Cabinet

This, in theory, should be a pretty simple task. However, as with most things in our house, the plumbing and location of the pipes in a small bathroom made it a bit trickier. My wife really wanted a vanity with drawers and of course, the plumbing lined up with the middle of the cabinet exactly where the tracks for the drawers were.  After moving the drawers to the other side of the vanity and a little adjusting, I finally got it settled into place and it did really help with storage. Now we can throw our toothbrushes and toothpaste in there instead of them being on top of the toilet which probably wasn’t ideal as far as cleanliness goes. 

Replace Mirror

The old mirror frame was peeling, rectangular, and small. We found a great deal and just swapped it out with a larger round one and it quickly helped to make the room feel larger. 


By far the cheapest easiest way to change a space. Slapped on a few fresh coats of white paint and it really brightened everything up. Don’t skimp on the primer though, it seems like more work but really makes the final coat that much easier and cleaner. 


The existing tile was fine but to really enhance the space and make it feel complete we opted to cover it with peel and stick tile. The designs have come a long way from the 80’s & 90’s stuff we used on our first home but still really economical. Don’t forget to start at the tub and work your way out and like I always say, measure twice cut once! 

Just doing a few of these things or all of them should be fairly easy to get done in a couple of weekends but will make a huge difference in an outdated bathroom. The only other things we changed were the towels and shower curtain to really complete the space and this left us with a fresh new bathroom that works better for our needs and wows our guests.

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