Monday, March 01, 2021

How Crown Molding Can Change a Room

Are you looking for a simple way to spruce up a room? I have recently fallen in love with woodworking and I stumbled across the beauty of crown molding. I always knew it existed, of course, but I didn’t realize just how much it could spruce up a room. It’s not that hard to do and doesn’t cost that much. Honestly, the transformation that occurred in my dining room was incredible. I wish I had done it years ago.

Choosing the right crown molding was probably harder than installing it. I’m going to share my tips for choosing the right crown molding to make your task easier.

Choose the Right Size

First, narrow down your options by size. The height of your ceiling will help determine the right width of crown molding. Short ceilings (8 foot) shouldn’t have wide crown molding, as it will only make the room seem smaller. Stick to 3” crown molding if you have eight-foot ceilings.

If you have taller ceilings, between nine and ten feet tall, you can use wider crown molding. You can go up to about six inches. This gives you a little more room for customization and making your molding really stand out.

Choose the Material

Here we go again, more choices. Wood is the traditional material for crown molding, but it’s not your only option. I learned you can also use plaster, MDF, and polyurethane. Wood is the most expensive option and one that I whipped past pretty quickly. I wanted to add decoration to my room, but not at that cost. I needed up using plaster because of its ability to have ornate designs. This was for my living room, so I really wanted to spruce it up. You can choose any material, just know that wood is the most fragile because it warps in humidity. MDF is a wood look-alike that doesn’t have the warping issues.

Choose the Color

Yes, I have one more decision for you to make. You need to choose a color. Crown molding comes in all different colors. Think about the look you want. I opted for white because it was a nice contrast to my gray walls. That’s the idea that the molding contrasts against the wall. You can choose the same color as the ceiling for a little uniformity, but you really want something that catches the eye – kind of like a focal point in the room.

If you want a simple change for any room in your home, give crown molding a chance. It’s not hard to do yourself, if you have the time and it’s inexpensive. I love the look of my living room and am thinking about adding it to a few more rooms in my home.

Tom Green
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