Thursday, January 28, 2021
Bathroom Tiles

Updating Your Bathroom Tiles

Are you tired of the look of your bathroom tiles? I was too. But, the problem is that they were in good condition. I didn’t see a need to tear them all down and start over. So what was I to do? I stumbled across a neat tutorial that made me think. You can paint your tile’s grout. What? Yeah, I was as shocked as you. But me being curious, I had to give it a try. It turns out that I love it and am considering doing it in our master bathroom too.

What you Need

All you need is paint-on grout dye. Yes, you keep the same grout, you just dye it. Now for this to work, your grout needs to be in good condition. If it’s not, I recommended re-grouting your tiles. That’s another easy DIY if you have the time. If not, have it professionally done and then dye it. You’ll love the change it creates in your bathroom.

How it’s Done

Once you are happy with your grout’s condition, it’s time to paint. How fun, right? I actually had a lot of fun painting my grout. Want to know why? I didn’t have to prep. Well, aside from cleaning the grout and fixing a few messed up areas, that is. But, the best part was that I didn’t have to tape anything. As a painter by trade, I’m a skilled taper, but let’s be honest – it takes a lot of time.

With paint-on grout dye, you just use a small paintbrush that carefully fits within the grooves and paint to your heart’s content. You don’t have to worry about painting outside the lines. The grout paint wipes right off the tiles. It’s that easy.

Now, I will caution you, don’t do too large of an area at once. If you do, it will feel like it takes forever to clean the grout. I worked on a 2’ x 2’ area at a time and it worked great for me. Now I have beautiful white tiles with a contrasting black grout that really transformed my bathroom.

Truly, give it a try. It’s a cheap, easy fix to update your bathroom. I honestly could have done just that change and felt like I had a new bathroom.

Tom Green
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